There is a period in Human History coming now that the Bible calls the Great Tribulation.

Following the taking up of all the Disciples of Jesus and young children to heaven, the Bible warns that the wrath of God will be poured out on those who have rejected Jesus being the King of their lives.

Yet, it is also a time when many will turn to Jesus and receive Him now as their Lord and Savior.

The coming judgments, described in The Book of Revelation of the Bible, include worldwide war, famine, plague, wild animals attacking humans, destruction of water sources, meteor impacts, massive global earthquakes, and more.

The beginning of this 7 year period will be marked by the revealing of a New World Leader who will make an historical agreement between himself and many nations. This event was predicted by the Bible 2530 years ago in the Book of Daniel.

As time goes by, this World Leader will do many miracles by Satan's power, and deceive many, saying he is to be worshipped as God.

During this 7 year period, these judgments will become more and more severe as detailed by John in the Bible - See In The Bible - Revelation chapters 6-18.

At the end of this Horrific Time Jesus will come, destroy these evil leaders, put Satan in chains and establish his reign on the Earth for a 1000 years.

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Revelation Predicts Accurately
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